Fresh Autumn Walks

Driving to work in the dark again... boy did that come round quick! Time has flown by for me since last Autumn. This time last year I wasn't driving, so I would have to wait around for my dad to finish work and take us home... But nowww I am driving, so I get out [...]

A little chat & bunny cuteness

Wake up, work, sleep, REPEAT. I've felt like a robot! The past month has been crazy... the last few terms at work have been difficult with it being the end of the year and not having a full team... especially the build up to service. But everyone has really started to work together and as [...]

A slightly delayed, October favourites 🍁 & Halloween shoots 🎃 

As I'm writing this it's Tuesday 7th of November, so I admit it's now a week late for this post... but I have my reasons! Unfortunately my boyfriend was in hospital last week, so my week ended up being full of trips to Leicester to see him every day. K is doing amazing now and [...]