Blogmas 15 – The winter bug!

Of courseee I have a cold. In winter. Just in time for Christmas.... A few days ago I stayed over K’s house, and we both woke up the next morning with the most saw and painful throats. We went on through the day with a cough. And now 2 days later K has been throwing [...]

Blogmas 9 – Prepping for Christmas Eve…

Do you do anything on Christmas Eve? Like a little traditional family thing? Or have a Crimbo film binge night??? For quite a few years now I have done a Christmas Eve box for my mum. It’s just something little to get her all excited for Christmas Day. Growing up my mum and dad tried [...]

Blogmas 6 & 7 – 228 days.

Two hundred and twenty eight days until my parents, K and I go abroad! We have all been wanting to go on holiday together for a while now... and tonight was the night where the perfect deal came up and we took it! I know this is totally off the blogmas and Christmas topic, but [...]