BLOGMAS 1 – Learning new things, a new career & new ideas.

It’s been a while... but I’m back and it’s about time I sorted out my schedule in life, and get back to doing the things that I love. To kick of my come back to blogging, I decided to do blogmas this year! I've been so excited making notes and planning the 25 blogmas posts, [...]

A week off work & a NEW PET!

I work in a school, so I get quite a bit of time off work. Sometimes I like to be really busy in the holidays, plan lots of things and make sure I have something to do every day. But work can be tough at times, so having some time off doing NOTHING, is just [...]

10 things I have been doing to make my life more positive!

It's not always easy to stay positive alllll the time, and keep a good mind set too... But lately I have been doing certain things and adding them into my daily routine to help make my life more positive! My new number one rule for when I begin my day is... NO SNOOZING! This has [...]